And as a conclusion ...

I hope you found my website interesting. If you have any further questions or suggestions, I would be happy to receive them. Please use the contact form, or click here (this will redirect you to your email software), or also copy the following address: info(at)feng-shui-artist(dot)net.

Should you want to activate a particular sector of your home, but have not found what you were looking for, please send me your request. I will give it a serious thought and may create a new painting accordingly!

... my special thanks

First of all I want to thank Master Marcello who did the entire php programming of this website. Also thanks a lot to Taru Kavazian, Bärbel Rodrigo and Michèle Andrzejewski for the proofreading and correction in their respective language, as well as to Christine Dollo and Françoise Ponsot for borrowing their professional material. Many thanks to my partner Joël for his love and for him supporting to live in a feng shui house, as well as to my son Benjamin for letting me know his point of view about important things in life. To my art teachers → Alain Puech, → Hatem Akrout, Nariné Saribekyan and → Pascale Lefebvre. To my single friends who are looking for love - they inspired me without their knowledge as they were the trigger for me creating feng shui paintings. To my sister Wiebke for having supported a whole stay with me watching me paint goldfish. My parents and their partners. Also, all my friends who believed in me and those who did not. And last but not least, I thank the website → Open Classrooms only in French), having made it possible for me to learn the computer languages html and css. Thank you to all of you for having participated in one way or another in the creation of this website!!!

That's me, Angelika Fleck :-)

...and a few words about my career

My name is Angelika Fleck and I am an artistic painter, or to be more exact, a Feng Shui painter. With the kind help of my webmaster friend Marcel I created this bilingual webpage, as well as its French version .

While studying art, I had the opportunity to take courses in Feng Shui in France. They were organized by Agnes Dumanget, who teaches Feng Shui in France and is also one of Lillian Too's students in Malaysia. Lillian Too, one of the most popular Feng Shui experts, has written dozens of books about Feng Shui and introduced this discipline to Western countries.

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