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Size Reference Price
50 x 70 cm FF-S5070 77 €
60 x 80cm FF-M6080 125 €
Size Reference Price
19.7" x 27.6" FFS-U $ 91 €
23.6" x 31.5" FFM-U $ 147 €
23.6" x 31.5" POXL-U $ 147 €

Canvas print from photo of original. The frame is 3 cm (1.18") deep.

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Explanation of the symbols

This painting, in the colors of fire, red and bright yellow, shows three flowers with nine petals each (9 being the number of the element Fire). Flowers are part of the element Wood, which enhances the element Fire, just as the number 3.

These flowers are laid out in a manner to form a triangle, the form of the element Fire, and their petals are pointed, which normally is to be avoided. As a matter of fact, plants with sharp petals or leaves attract bad chi - except in the South, where it can be beneficial. By the way, the petals of the flower on the top look like flames of a fire.

Exposing this painting in the South of your house or your living room can help you improve your reputation, bring recognition luck and attract fame and celebrity in your life.

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