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feng shui painting child luck

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Size Reference Price
20 x 20 cm WE-XS2020 20 €
30 x 30 cm WE-S3030 40 €
40 x 40 cm WE-M4040 59 €
Size Reference Price
7.9" x 7.9" WE-XS2020 $ 24 €
11.8" x 11.8" WE-S3030 $ 47 €
15.7" x 15.7" WE-M4040 $ 70 €

Canvas print from photo of original. The frame of the painting 20 x 20 cm is 2 cm (0.79") deep, the frame of the bigger paintings is 3 cm (1.18") deep.

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Explanation of the symbols

This painting, on a square canvas (form of the element Earth), depicts seven circles (form of the element Metal, as well as the number 7 of the sector) in the colors gold, silver and copper on a background evoking once again the elements Earth and Metal. Metal is the element of the sector children and future and the element Earth is its enhancing element.

Furthermore, if you hang it in the same way as on the photo, the circles are placed according to the direction occupied by the members of the family in the Chinese tradition: the father on the top left (Northwest), the mother on the bottom left (Southwest), the youngest daughter on the left (West), the eldest son on the right (East), the middle son on the top (North), the youngest son on the top right (Northeast) and the eldest daughter on the bottom right (Southeast).

If exposed in the Western part of the house, this painting helps support children and create an auspicious future for all the inhabitants of the house. If you do not have children yet and you wish to have some, the painting is very efficient as a lucky charm as well.

Belonging to the element Metal, you can also expose this painting in the Northwest in order to attract mentors and powerful friends for support and success.

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