Aquatic Turtle: Protection and Support

Aquatic Turtle

feng shui turtle

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Size Reference Price
20 x 30 cm TMS-E 28 €
Size Reference Price
7.9" x 11.8" TMS-U $ 33 €

Canvas print from photo of original. The frame is 2 cm (0.79") deep.

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Explanation of the symbols

As explained previously in the feng shui and form school chapter, the ideal landscape formation consists of the correct disposition of four animals: the dragon (hill on the left side, from inside looking out), the tiger (hill on the right side, lower than the dragon's one), the phoenix (wide space in the front) and the turtle (mountain behind the house).

According to this layout, the turtle represents a mountain or a building taller than the one you are living in, behind the house. It is therefore a symbol of force, support, as well as longevity thanks to the fact that it can reach a very old age.

Everybody should have a turtle (or tortoise) in the back part of the house. If the purchase of a live turtle - land or sea dwelling - should not be possible for you, you can expose this little painting of an aquatic turtle.

The 9 goldfish, one of them black, in the background are very auspicious as well (for more information you may click on the link Goldfish).

You can expose it in the North or on a back wall of your home.

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