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Legal Notice, general terms and conditions

Legal Notice

User Conditions:

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Feng-shui-artist endeavors to ensure the accuracy and update of the information available on this website, of which we reserve the right to change the content at any moment and without notice. Nevertheless, Feng-shui-artist cannot guarantee the exactitude, the accuracy or the completeness of the available information.

Therefore, Feng-shui-artist accepts no responsibility with regard to any interruption of the online service, any presence of computer bugs, any inaccuracy or omission relating to the available information on the website, or for any damage resulting from a fraudulent act committed by a third party, changing the nature of the information on the website.

This website may contain links towards other websites. Feng-shui-artist cannot be held responsible for problems of access or the contents of these websites.

Furthermore, it shall be stated that the given information concerning the effects of the paintings are absolutely not based on any scientific theories but on purely traditional knowledge. Feng-shui-artist cannot be held responsible if the expected results are not obtained.

General Terms and Conditions

It is specified beforehand that the present conditions govern the sales of Feng-shui-artist, their products on the website www.feng-shui-artist.net. You declare to have read the present general terms and conditions and to accept them before you order. The order validation is thus equal to the acceptance of these general terms and conditions. The data recorded by the payment system is proof of the financial transactions.

Article 1: Copyright

All the elements on this website and the website itself are protected by copyright and trade mark laws, commercial and intellectual property law. By elements, we mean among others: photographs, images, drawings, illustrations, text, logos, marks... These elements belong to Feng-shui-artist or are used with the approval of their owner.

As such, any reproduction, representation, utilization, adaptation, modification, incorporation, translation, commercialization, fully or partially, by any procedure or any support (paper, digital...), are forbidden, without prior written approval from Feng-shui-artist and will be subject to disciplinary action applicable to breach of copyrights and/or counterfeit of drawings and models and/or trademarks, carrying a penalty of two years imprisonment and a fine of 150 000 €.

Article 2: Application

These general terms and conditions apply to the realization, the content and the fulfillment of all the contracts between Feng-shui-artist and the customer. The customer accepts the general terms and conditions when he places his order. The validation of the order of a product on the website feng-shui-artist.net includes your explicit acceptance of the present general terms and conditions, without this acceptance needing your handwritten signature.

Article 3 : Payment

3.1 The orders are to be paid in Euros. Feng-shui-artist reserves the right to change its prices any time. The products are invoiced at the prices in force when the order is placed.

3.2 You pay immediately when placing the order, via secure PayPal payment. PayPal makes it possible for you to pay directly without revealing your bank details on the web. PayPal encrypts automatically your confidential data thanks to the best technologies available on the market.

Article 4 : Packing

The necessary packing is included in the price and the packing cannot be returned. Feng-shui-artist decides, for each case, about the appropriate packing. Damage of the packing is not considered to be damage of the product and Feng-shui-artist cannot be held responsible for damages of the packing during transport.

Article 5 : Delivery

5.1 The prices charged by Feng-shui-artist are solely based on delivery within Europe.

5.2 The customers must provide an exact and complete delivery address.

5.3 PO boxes are not accepted.

5.4 Feng-shui-artist commits to respect the delivery conditions. Nevertheless, the delivery conditions are provided for guidance only and are not definite. In case of delay, Feng-shui-artist will contact the client in order to agree on a new delivery date.

5.5 If an exact delivery date has been agreed on, then any modification made by the client after the date has been attributed will automatically cancel the original delivery date.

5.6 Feng-shui-artist ceases to be responsible for any damage occurring to the product as soon as the client or a third party designed by the client receives the product.

5.7 Feng-shui-artist is not responsible for any damage caused in case of non-delivery due to the absence of the client or the delay of delivery of the designed product with respect to the agreed delivery conditions.

5.8 In case of an order towards a country outside Europe, you are the importer of the merchandise. For all the products sent outside Europe, custom or import duties or other local taxes that may be eligible will not be taken care of by Feng-shui-artist. These duties and taxes are to be paid by the client, who is entirely responsible as regards both declarations and payments to the competent authorities in the country concerned. We advise you to inquire about these aspects at the local authorities.

Article 6 : Transport

6.1 The transport of the products is under the responsibility of Feng-shui-artist. The client must receive the goods in perfect condition from the company doing the transport.

6.2 If the goods happen to be damaged during transport, Feng-shui-artist limits its responsibility to the repair or replacement of the damaged article. Should Feng-shui-artist not be able to repair or replace the damaged article, the customer has the right to demand full reimbursement.

Article 7 : Warranty

7.1 Feng-shui-artist cannot be held responsible for any damage sustained by the canvas due to humidity, severe exposure to the sun or other extreme factors related to the environment in which the canvas is held once in the customer's possession.

7.2 The customer has the right to ask for repair or replacement of the products if these show signs of conception, material or fabrication defaults. The customer is entitled to full replacement if repair is not possible. The customer has to return the products at his charge, after having consulted Feng-shui-artist for agreement. Feng-shui-artist remains the owner of all returned products.

7.3 Warranty does not apply to any damage resulting from incorrect use of the product by the customer or a third party.

7.4 The receipt for purchase (order confirmation) is proof for warranty.

7.5 Feng-shui-artist has the right to cancel the contract and to reimburse the full amount to the customer if repair or replacement should not be possible.

Article 8 : Claims

8.1 In the event that the customer has any claims to make, he must immediately inform Feng-shui-artist by e-mail in order to establish the facts.

8.2 Otherwise, the contract between the two parties remains valid.

8.3 Feng-shui-artist will handle the claim on the basis of proof of purchase (order confirmation) and a possible return of the damaged products to Feng-shui-artist. Feng-shui-artist's mission towards the customer is considered to be valid from the moment when the customer uses all or part of the merchandise.

8.4 This includes any adaptation or treatment of the products or the delivery to a third party, except for the claims mentioned here above.

Article 9 : Litigation

Feng-shui-artist reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order from a customer with whom exists a litigation exists concerning a former order.

Article 10 : Force majeure

10.1 In the event that Feng-shui-artist cannot deliver the ordered items due to force majeure, we will inform the customer in writing as soon as possible, without obligation for compensatory or return payment.

10.2 In the event of a delay of more than 30 working days, the customer has the right to end the contract by registered letter, and Feng-shui-artist is not obliged to compensate or reimburse the customer.

10.3 In case of extreme force majeure and after consulting with the customer, Feng-shui-artist can cancel the contract between the two parties and/or suspend the delivery until the problem of force majeure stops.

10.4 Feng-shui-artist cannot be held responsible for its inability to fulfill the contract unless it can be proven by the law, the contract, or the formally agreed business practices.

10.5 Are considered as force majeure : the above mentioned circumstances and other, similar circumstances that cannot be assigned to Feng-shui-artist and do not give the right to the customer to request the dissolution of the contract, its reimbursement or compensation.

Article 11 : Applicable law

11.1 In the unlikely event of a conflict, French law is applicable for all contracts as well as their explanation and their execution.

11.2 Any disagreement concerning the drafting, interpretation or execution of the contract will be submitted to the exclusive competence of the Commercial Court of Aix-en-Provence.

Article 12: Modifications and explanations

Feng-shui-artist has the right to change the general terms and conditions. These modifications shall enter into force at the date announced by Feng-shui-artist. The customer will be informed relatively in advance. If no special date is given, the modifications start right after Feng-shui-artist's announcement. The general terms and conditions remain valid for current orders.


Feng-shui-artist respects the privacy of the users of this website and we thus guarantee the confidentiality of the personal data you transfer. Feng-shui-artist only uses your data for the treatment of your order. Feng-shui-artist will ask your permission if your data should be used for any other purpose. Feng-shui-artist will not sell your personal data to third parties and will only give them to third parties which are directly involved in the treatment and delivery of your order. Feng-shui-artist and these third parties commit to respect the confidentiality of these data.

(For any further information, we are happy to answer your questions by mail, if you click here or if you copy the following address: info(at)feng-shui-artist(dot)net. If our privacy and confidentiality policy are to be changed, they will be published on this website, where you can always find the latest publication.)

Feng-shui-artist may use your private
data in the following cases:

  • To treat an order, Feng-shui-artist needs the name of the customer, his e-mail address, delivery address and the payment information of the order.
  • To make the purchase procedure easier on feng-shui-artist.net, we stock the personal data related to the order.
  • Feng-shui-artist uses these data in order to keep the customer informed about the order process and the development of our website.
  • Your comments and suggestions will help us to improve Feng-shui-artist, so we may fulfill the best we can your expectations.

  • Feng-shui-artist will not sell your personal data

    Feng-shui-artist will not sell your personal data to third parties. Feng-shui-artist and the third parties we are related to will respect the privacy of your data.

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