Feng Shui: sector West

children luck and future

The West corresponds to children and the future. This sector should be activated if you wish to have children, to encourage and bring good fortune to those who are already present and in order to create an auspicious future for all the inhabitants of the house.

Its element is metal, enhanced by earth, exhausted by water and destroyed by fire. Therefore it is beneficial to expose golden, silver, copper, grey or white colors as well as circular features or patterns for the element metal, or yellow,ocher and beige colors, as well as rectangular features or patterns for the element earth.

Paintings for the West sector:

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chinese astrology rooster chinese astrology dog
chinese astrology monkey

The number of the West is 7, and it is thus beneficial to expose seven items together.

In this West sector, you may display metal objects of any kind, as well as items of ceramic, clay, terra cotta or china, enhanced by the element earth.

Tip :
Find the West

This is the most important corner for displaying photos of your children, their colorings or hand-made items. If you do not have children, you may hang pictures of other children or calendars with photos of babies, for example.

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