Feng Shui: sector Southeast

money, wealth, abundance

The Southeast corresponds to prosperity, money, wealth and abundance.

Its element is wood, enhanced by water, exhausted by fire and destroyed by metal. Therefore it is beneficial to expose bright green and brown colors as well as rectangular features or patterns for the element wood, or blue, black and purple colors, as well as undulated features or patterns for the element Water.

Paintings for the Southeast sector:

goldfish fengchui most important hexagram
painting sailboat famous painting with brigdge and pond big fish wealth chinese astrology snake

The number of the Southeast is 4, and it is thus beneficial to expose four items together.

In this Southeastern sector, plants and fresh flowers are welcome. Make sure to replace them as soon as they start to fade in order to avoid the opposite effect in this case, which is bad health. Dried or plastic flowers are sterile and generate bad chi, silk flowers are accepted though.

Tip :
Find the Southeast

Enhanced by the element water, you can also display water features (fountains, fish bowls, etc.). An aquarium is particularly appropriate as long as it is not disproportionately big compared to the room, as too much water will bring about more damage than good luck. Also, never display a water feature in your bedroom!

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