Feng Shui: sector Northwest

support, helpful friends, benefactors

The Northwest corresponds to helpful friends, benefactors, patrons, and it is also the sector of the man, the father of the house. You may activate this sector when you need help, protection or support from others, from outside, or if you feel lost faced with a problem. In other words, it is the sector of success! It is also the sector to be activated when the man of the house needs support.

Its element is metal, enhanced by earth, exhausted by water and destroyed by fire. Therefore it is beneficial to expose golden, silver, copper, grey or white colors as well as circular features or patterns for the element metal, or yellow, ocher and beige colors, as well as rectangular features or patterns for the element earth.

Paintings for the Northwest sector:

abstract feng shui painting fengh shui help
sexy painting gays modern painting mountains
chinese astrology dog

The number of the Northwest is 6, and it is thus beneficial to expose six items together.

Tip :
Find the Northwest

In this Northwest sector, you may display metal objects of any kind, as well as items of ceramic, clay, terra cotta or china, enhanced by the element earth.

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