Feng Shui: sector Northeast

knowledge, spirituality, education

The Northeast corresponds to education, knowledge, intelligence, personal development and spirituality.

Its element is earth, enhanced by fire, exhausted by metal and destroyed by wood. Therefore it is beneficial to expose yellow, ocher and beige colors as well as square features or patterns for the element earth, or red, pink, orange and bright yellow colors, as well as triangular features or patterns for the element fire.

Paintings for the Northeast sector:

paintings mandala painting for school success
painting sunrise
ashtamangala painting 8 precious objects

The number of the Northeast is 8, and it is thus beneficial to expose eight items together.

Tip :
Find the Northeast

In the Northeast, you may expose items made of ceramic, clay, china or terra cotta, as well as stones or minerals, or even, according to your personal convictions, angels, a statue of the virgin or a Buddha.

In this corner it is important to install the fireplace and display lights and candles, as they are enhanced by the element fire.

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