Feng Shui: sector North

career, professional life, success

The North corresponds to career, success and all matters concerning the professional area. So if you want to change your job, or are just starting your professional career, if you want to have a promotion, improve your situation or just solve problems with job issues or your colleagues, you have to activate the North corner.

Its element is water, enhanced by metal, exhausted by wood and destroyed by earth. Therefore it is beneficial to expose blue, purple and black colors as well as undulated features or patterns for the element water, or golden, silver, copper, gray or white colors, as well as circular features or patterns for the element metal.

Paintings for the North sector:

painting aquarium goldfish painting sailing boat
chinese fish wealth
fengshui turtle for career mountains for career and support chinese astrology rat chinese astrology pig

The number of the North is 1, so it is beneficial to expose items one by one.

Tip :
Find the North

In this Northern sector you may display water features (fountains, fish bowls, etc.). An aquarium is particularly appropriate as long as it is not disproportionately big compared to the room, as too much water will bring about more damage than good luck. Also, never display a water feature in your bedroom!

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