Feng Shui: Center of the home

vitality, serenity

The Center of the house, the room or the office, also called tai chi or taiji, is not part of the eight directions of the feng shui compass school. Yet, the Center is the space where all the sectors come together and join each other, and therefore it is fundamental for the positive energy and the vitality of the inhabitants that this place is spacious, ventilated, clean and uncluttered.

This is also the ideal place for the family room - living or dining room - in order to strengthen family support and solidarity.

Its element is earth, enhanced by fire, exhausted by metal and destroyed by wood. Therefore it is beneficial to expose yellow, ocher and beige colors as well as square features or patterns for the element earth, or red, pink, orange and bright yellow colors, as well as triangular features or patterns for the element fire.

Paintings for the Center of the house:

painting for spiritualiy mandala mangala
painting tree life
painting mandala samsara 8 treasures

The number of the center is 5, so exposing five items together is beneficial.

In the Center, you may expose items of ceramic, clay, china or terra cotta, as well as stones or minerals. If you like painting yourself, this is the best place to create and expose your own mandala.

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