Feng shui love

But feng shui will not find a partner for me or repair my broken relationship, you will tell me! Indeed, "it" will not publish an advertisement for lonely hearts or improve communication within your couple. But by changing slightly the disposition of your interior, by adding some objects or a little color, and especially, by taking away those objects that harm the element of the sector, the energy that you attract will flow smoother and will thus be more efficient.

The sector to be taken care of is the Southwest

We will not go into further explanations about the 5 elements, as this will be the subject of a coming article. You only need to know that love and the couple belong to the Southwest sector and that the Southwest depends on the element Earth (you may also take a look at the chapter titled "Feng Shui love"). Thus, after having determined the Southwest of your house or your bedroom, you may apply splashes of beige, ocher, red, orange or pink colors through objects, cloth, curtains, etc. (if it is a whole room, you may directly paint it in these tones). Then, you display things that evoke earth and fire, such as statues made out of clay, vases, gems, as well as candles, lamps, etc. You always display two of them, as two is the number of this sector: two candles, two mandarin ducks (a very powerful symbol of love), two vases...

To be avoided

It is not only appropriate to strengthen the element of the sector in the above mentioned manner, but it is also very important to avoid harmful energies. This is the case of anything wooden, brown, green, as well as rectangular forms for the element Wood: move the big wooden wardrobe into a room in the East, Southeast or South. Also be careful not to overload this place with metallic, gray, silver, golden or round objects. They are acceptable, but only in small quantities.

One more hint

If you have been alone for a long time and you are looking for a partner, another piece of advice is to create more space in your life: is your flat overloaded, do your coat rack and closet overflow with your stuff, do you sleep right in the middle of your king size bed? Assuming that you can only fill up empty room, create a little space for the person to come. Your could start in the bathroom, setting up an empty cup for the toothbrush next to yours, or by starting to sleep only on one side of your bed - no matter what, as far as you create a little space.

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