Feng shui bedroom

Sleep is important and in order to have a good night's sleep, we need to be in a calm environment. Sleeping next to the front door or the center of activity would encourage our subconscious to follow the comings and goings during the night, keeping it from a true rest. The feng shui advice is to choose a room in the calm, in the rear part of the house or upstairs.

Bathroom and bedroom

Nowadays, it is common to have at least the parental bedroom including an adjacent bathroom. This is certainly quite convenient, but for the reasons I mentioned in the part about feng shui bathrooms, it is very important to close this room with a door. A window that would separate the rooms shall be opaque or hidden by curtains or blinds.

Decorate the bedroom

Not surprisingly, we do not only sleep in the bedroom. Thus, for sleeping, the most indicated colors are cold colors. Yet, to avoid that our sexuality falls asleep as well, a little red color here and there will stimulate our imagination. You can as well expose a painting or two, but be careful: avoid three objects or persons together to not create confusion, no representation of panic, speed, in order to guarantee a peaceful night of sleep. As a general rule, do not overload the bedroom, this room must stay simple. A painting with a happy couple or a couple of mandarin ducks would be ideal in the bedroom.

What to avoid in the bedroom

If you have a mirror in your bedroom, turn it in a way so it does not reflect your bed. Certain feng shui specialists point out that the reflection of a couple evokes 4 persons, which is not desirable.

The orientation of the bed is important: the bottom part of the bed must not be facing the same direction as the door as for the Chinese, this is the position of the dead. If you want to know the best direction for each of the occupants you may read the article about your feng shui kua number.

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