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Feng shui bathroom and toilets

For the Chinese and feng shui practitioners, toilets are a very inauspicious place. Water being a valuable commodity, the act of flushing away the dirty content of the toilets with water symbolizes money flying away. In ancient times, it was not such a big problem, as the toilets were far in the back garden, but for the comfort of everyone, modern homes have their toilets indoors. Thus, they have to be left as sober as possible, without decoration.

Feng shui remedies for toilets

Nevertheless, several remedies are to be considered:

  • Always keep the toilet doors closed! If possible, you may hang a mirror on the outside of the door to reflect the chi.
  • Always fold down toilet seat and cover after use. Nowadays, you can find in the shops toilet covers that practically shut all by themselves. All you have to do is train your family and guests...
  • Stones, belonging to the element Earth and thus enemy of water, may serve as a remedy (Earth absorbs Water). It is the only decoration which is allowed.
  • For those who like to transform their toilet into a reading room, you may simply bring a book or two each time.
  • I have seen toilet rooms lined with family photos or even a portrait of the person whose home it is. Besides the feng shui context - what image do you have of your children or yourself?

Everything that has been said about toilets is also true for bathrooms, which means:

  • Always keep the door closed and hang a small mirror on the outside of it.
  • No decoration, only stones are allowed.