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Feng Shui paintings create benevolent energies

On this website, you will find the paintings we created according to the feng shui principle. Here is a short introduction into the foundations of feng shui, this several thousand years old way of life, in order to enable you to understand it and thereby find the best place to hang a painting you may choose.

We will also explain the symbolism of each painting, all you have to do is click on the painting you like. You can also do a research by the sector you wish to activate, to make this possible we classified the paintings in the feng shui sectors chapter.

Feng Shui Artist has been created for people who
  • discover feng shui and wish to be guided to understand how and where to display a painting in order to attract benevolent energies
  • know feng shui and are looking for a painting in order to strengthen a certain sector
  • simply like art and wish to buy or offer a beautiful painting

Enjoy your visit on our website!

feng shui and meditation


Feng Shui and Meditation

This painting of dawn enhances meditation and silence, brings quietness and peace, and is helpful for singles who are looking for a partner and a family.

from 28 € / $ 33
painting penguin family

Family luck

Couple and children desire

With this painting of a penguin family you attract family luck: partnership, family, desire of a child. You can hang it in the Southwest of your home, living room or office...

from 28 € / $33
bild mit aussicht


Extend your room symbolically

What to do with too little living space? Enlargen symbolically your room with this painting! You can hang it anywhere to make rooms look bigger or to avoid missing corners.

from 49 € / $ 70
fengshui painting arrowana, dragon fish

Arrowana dragon fish

Business, Wealth, Success

This exotic fish, called arrowana or dragon fish, brings success in business affairs if exposed in the North or Southeast of the home or office...

from 28 € / $ 33
painting sailing boat

Lucky Boat

Wealth, abundance, success

A sailing ship loaded with gold and sailing into your home brings abundance and success. It is best to be displayed in the Southeast or North of the house...

from 31 € / $ 35
aquarium with nine feng shui fish for good luck


Wealth, Career, Health

On this first painting with goldfish you can see 9 goldfish in order to strengthen health, wealth or career. It will be particularly efficient in the East (health), Southeast (wealth) or North (career) of the house, living room or office...

from 49 € / $ 58
fengshui mountains for force and support

Feng Shui Mountains

Force, Support

A painting with mountains brings strength and support when it is behind your back, when you are in your office or on the back wall of your home...

from 49 € / $ 58
 fengshui balloons for a symbolic takeoff


Force, Support

Rising up with feng shui balloons for a symbolic takeoff in any challenge your start...

from 49 € / $ 58
feng sui painting: tree of life for strength and force

Tree of Life

Rooting and steadiness

This painting Tree of Life can be hung anywhere: in the center for rooting ans stability, in the Southwest for love, in the North for career, in the East for health, etc...

from 49 € / $ 58
feng shui painting ashtamangala zen, budism

Mandala Ashtamangala

Spirituality, Zen, Good Fortune

The Mandala Ashtamangala is a union of a mandala and the 8 precious objects, that you can find as very powerful symbols of good fortune in Indian religions. It is particularly auspicious to expose this mandala in the Center or Northeast of the house, but especially in the entrance of your home, to attract good luck...

from 20 € / $ 24
mandarin ducks for love, faithfullness, marriage

Mandarin ducks

Love, Fidelity, Marriage

Mandarin ducks in peaceful togetherness. A powerful symbol for attracting love and partnership or for strengthening your couple. It could be displayed in the Southwest of the home or the bedroom...

from 31 € / $ 37
feng sui painting for concentration et school luck


School success

A painting with working students will help your children to concentrate, to better appreciate school and to pass their exams. It is to be displayed in the Northeast or West...

from 59 € / $ 70
feng sui painting for the sector of the woman

Beautiful woman

Strengthen the sector of the woman

A beautiful woman in the Southwest sector is connecting us with our femininity...

from 49 €
feng shui painting of fire and flowers for recognition


Recognition, Success

A painting with flowers and fire will help you to improve a reputation, attract success, fame and recognition, or win a lawsuit if you expose them in the South of your home or the living room...

from 77 € / $ 91
fengshui painting 8 treasures of Buddhism

Eight Precious Objects

Zen, Spirituality, Vitality

This painting depicts the Eight Treasures of Buddhism, extremely powerful symbols of good fortune. It is particularly auspicious in the Center or the Northeast of the house or the living room to bring knowledge, vitality, serenity or spirituality...

from 20 € / $ 24
copy on canvas of the kiss by gustav klimt

The Kiss, Gustav Klimt

Love, Passion, Romance

This is a painting which inspires love and passion: the Kiss, by Gustav Klimt. It is best to be displayed in the Southwest of the home, the living room or the bedroom...

from 49 € / $ 58
abstract feng shui painting in red

Abstract painting: Fireworks

Success, Fame, Reputation

In this abstract painting Fireworks, the power of the red color strengthens the South sector, belonging to the element Fire, and thus brings fame and success...

from 24 € / $ 27
copy of the japanese bridge by monet

The Japanese Bridge

Health, Longevity, Wealth

The Japanese Bridge (Bride over the Water Lily Pond), originally paint by Claude Monet, can bring health and longevity, as well as wealth and abundance. You may display it in the Southeast or East of your home or living room...

from 66 € / $ 78
feng sui painting peony for love and mariage

Peonies for love and marriage

Recognition, Marriage, Love

A painting of peonies, this beautiful flower, can attract a partner for singles or create fame and reputation luck. It is the most efficient in the Southwest or South of the living room...

from 32 € / $ 38
fengshui symbols turtle, peach, plum, bamboo, cranes for health, longevity

Feng Shui painting: Longevity

Health, long Life

Tortoise, peach, plum, bamboo, cranes: several symbols of longevity and health for this painting which is to be exposed in the East of the home or the living room...

from 49 € / $ 58
Mandala for serenity, knowledge, vitality, zen, spirituality

Mandala Samsara

Tai Chi, Spirituality, Zen

A painting of a mandala for serenity, concentration or spirituality is particularly benevolent in the Center or Northeast of your home or living room...

from 20 € / $ 24
abstract fengh shui painting for support and success

Abstract painting: NorthWest

Support, Success, Man, Father

Displaying this abstract feng shui painting in the Northwest of your home or your office, you attract helpful friends and mentors. In the West, it attracts children luck and an auspicious future...

from 20 € / $ 24
hexagram sheng for ascension and growth

Hexagram Sheng

Ascension, Success, Growth

This is the hexagram no 46, Sheng, which is extremely auspicious for any kind of success. It is to be displayed in the East or the Southeast of the house, the living room or the office...

from 20 € / $ 24
fengshui painting for children and future luck

Feng shui painting: West

Children, Future

If you display this painting in the West of your home or your living room, you create an auspicious future for you and your children...

from 20 € / $ 24